Nesperta, Poland

Mobile-based client engagement and gamification platform built for a leading European nail beauty and makeup cosmetics brand - Poland-based Semilac. Increases client engagement, provides additional communication channel, supports brand values.


About the project

Semilac mobile app is a nail beauty lover's go-to mobile app. Helps both amateur and pro nail stylists to find inspiring nail job examples, and by engaging them in challenges & competitions helps them to become better in what they love doing.

On the other hand - by incorporation a multitude of user-engaging communication micro tools - the app is an invaluable tool used to collect customer feedback, test out innovative marketing / product idea.


Our tasks

  • needs and requirements analytis
  • concept - designing the app's core engagement paths
  • UX and visual design
  • backend development
  • mobile development
  • on-going support and development
  • marketing & concept support
  • procut ownership support

Scope of the project

Icon Phone


A complex mobile app for both iOS and Android - use of React Native helped to achieve significant savings in both development cost and delivery time.

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Both the admin / backoffice layer and communication API that supports the mobile app have been developed in Symfony - the most robust and battle proven PHP framework we're proud to have over 8 years of experience in.

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Baked into the mobile app - an thoughtfully crafted set of micro-games, challenges, user's achievements recognition mechanisms that both improve user's experience and help in keeping him engaged.

Technologies used

  • Logo React Native
  • Logo Swift
  • Logo Java
  • Logo PHP
  • Logo Symfony
  • Logo Doctrine
  • MariaDB
  • Logo Redis

Client testimonial

Working on the project, Digers have exceeded our expectations in terms of engagement and communication by at least a mile, at the same time delivering complex product in quick, testable iterations - allowing us to efficiently work together on the best end-result that bring the most value both to our users and to our business.

Maciej Bujak Social Media Manager - Nesperta

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