Backend Developer

On-Site (Szczecin) / Remote
8500 - 12 000 PLN NET


Job description

Looking to fill a vacant PHP/Symfony Backend Developer position in our office located in Szczecin. You will be joining a team of 20 passionate developers/designers/product & project managers working on development and maintenance of multiple web and mobile projects for various sized clients (small, international startups as well as multinational corporations - including, Ringer Axel Springer,, Toyota, Santander Consumer Bank, TVN S.A.)
As a member of one to three project teams, your tasks will consist of analyzing product and feature viabilities/options with designers/product owners/stakeholders, leading to designing and developing them working, deliverable features that bring measurable business value.
If you like, a part switch to projects involving technologies other than PHP/Symfony (i.e. VueJS) is possible and encouraged as a part of improving your skills and increasing your overall developer expertise. Same for switching projects, which is possible.
We expect you to constantly improve your practical and theoretical skills, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies; commitment to open source community is a huge plus. As a part of the team, you are also expected to focus on quality of the solutions delivered - no spaghetti coding using unproven/half baked solutions stitched from StackOverflow posts please.

Required skills/experience

What can you expect

  • Quality-focused environment
  • Being engaged in ambitious web, mobile & A.I. projects developed for leading brands from multiple sectors (media, finance, automotive, beauty, retail)
  • Great, experienced team of co-workers with 3-15 years of practical expertise in the field
  • Spending 70-80% of time on building new features
  • Projects’ size ranging from 500h to 4000h
  • Work environment utilizing modern coding, building & deployment tools (Docker, GitlabCI, SonarQube)
  • Flexible working hours, up to 20% of remote work
  • Budget for conferences, trainings/courses/books that you pick according to your needs
  • Great location with the best commute you can get
  • Free parking spot
  • Mac / Ubuntu + 27” Dell display(s)
  • Health & life insurance
  • 50%+ discounts on the best gyms in the city

Ready to apply?

Give us a call or drop us a line.

[email protected]
Plac Rodla 9, 70-419, Szczecin, Poland
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