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Technology and business expertise to help build your MVP

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We have over 8 years of experience in custom web and mobile software and apps development


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Technologies we are the masters of

  • Native Mobile Apps Development

    We create engaging, feature and content mobile apps sporting complex web backends and API's and beacons support.

  • Web Development

    Over 15 years of experience in vuilding scalable and complex web applications for a wide range of industries - focusing on automotive, finance, media.

  • UI/UX Design

    We design usable interfaces, user & data flows within the apps. Because making it work good is as important as making it look good.

  • DevOPS

    From test and staging deployment processes, to production server environments - ensuring everything works as intended on each and every layer of software systems we design and build.

Our projects

Zapytaj Onet

Onet.pl, Poland

The largest polish Q&A site, helping millions of users get answers to the most unusual questions imaginable they come up with.
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Zapytaj Onet

Total Club

Total, Poland

A mobile loyalty program for the clients of the Total gas stations, allowing to collect points for performing purchases, which can be exchanged for attractive prizes via a user friendly mobile app.
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Total Club

Player Labs

TVN, Poland

Player Labs constitutes a web platform which connects the community of the player service which offers internet television including VOD. Player Labs allows gathering user opinions and developing the player in accordance with their needs and expectations.
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Player Labs

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