5 most useful Angular.JS libraries that will improve your application

Have you been thinking that your application is lacking something? That it doesn’t match up to others? That it’s lacking something a modern web application needs? That users don’t like to use it? Here’s a list of 5 most interesting AngularJS libraries that will improve the UX of your application.


Screenshot_055Don’t you get annoyed when you can’t see how many minutes are left to send a file or attach an image to your e-mail? Don’t worry – so do your application users. Thanks to AngularJS and ng-file-upload by Danial Farid, you can enhance this process by sending files in the background. The library shows information on the upload time or the state of the file upload. And, as befits the 21st century, without using Adobe Flash!

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We all know how cumbersome and difficult it is to sort posts or messages by assigning them consecutive numbers. Fortunately, Muhammed Ashik comes to the rescue with his ng-sortable. You only need to add this library to your application to gain the undying gratitude of your users. After all, who doesn’t like sorting by dragging elements? What’s more, the library works on mobile devices.

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Just like with ng-file-upload, show your users that you value their time! The angular-loading-bar module will allow you to do this easily. Just add it to your application and you’re good to go. Now, every time a user loads up any resource, a loading bar, which can be freely customised, will show. Isn’t that awesome?

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You’ve created a blogging application? Your application does mostly text editing? Don’t forget this library. It will make text editing easier and less boring. You only need to add the attribute to a div or any element of the form, and a familiar WYSYWIG will appear.

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Nothing beats a foreign application in your mother tongue. That alone makes it much more enjoyable to use. Ask the community to help you with the translations, then you add this library and you’re done. This will broaden the spectrum of your users, and the regulars will definitely share your application with others.

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I’m certain that these 5 libraries, which I hope you will use 100% correctly and reasonably, will make your application one of the best online applications. Sounds foolish? Try out the modules listed here and you will admit that you will never start a project without them again.

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