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The largest polish Q&A site, helping millions of users get answers to the most unusual questions imaginable they come up with.

About the project is a UGC-based project, where the community asks questions, provides answers create clubs and tutorials, engage in knowledge/fact-checking battles.

Every day up to 10 000 new questions and ten times as many new answers are published, making it the most heavily used Q&A site in the polish web. But it's not only the sheer amount of content that makes the leader - but also technology used in the project.

Mobile version of the site has been build from ground up as a PWA (Progressive Web App), combining native-like experience (speed, features - i.e. offline mode, push messaging) while avoiding traditional mobile apps' drawbacks (heavy download, unwillingness to install new apps, need to update).

Our tasks

  • idea & concept
  • system & architecture design
  • UX & Visual design
  • initial development
  • quality assurance
  • maintenance & 24/7 technical support

Technologies used

  • Logo PHP
  • Logo Doctrine
  • Logo MySQL
  • Logo Redis
  • Logo rabbitmq
  • Logo VueJS

Scope of the project

Icon Rack

Q&A site

Questions & Answers site, allowing users to share their ideas, concerns, questions and experiences via multiple tools (quizzes, challenges).

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Progressive web app

Modern technology optimizing site's experience on mobile devices - fully functional, native-like interface with offline functionality.

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User experience

User-friendly design, optimized to minimize traction and improve visitor's experience.

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