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However, the real revolution is just coming.

Even though apps became a part of our reality, users start to feel overwhelmed. Danny Ryback of Leo Burnett goes as far as to state that apps will be dead, referring to a comScore research which states that in 2016 49% of users have not downloaded a single app within the last month, and 25% of the downloaded apps were never launched. However, the number of views for mobile versions of websites grows, and they report three times as many unique users as apps.

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Disadvantages of native apps

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of users have never installed a single app
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of apps have never been opened
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less mobile apps users than mobile web users

How to take advantage of this trend?

Invest in the development of websites taking advantage of progressive web apps!

The term Progressive Web Apps has been used in Google for the first time in 2015 and was immediately met by a warm reception. No wonder – PWA is a solution which allows to combine all of the advantages of native apps and websites.

The user will experience a difference in an easier handling, and the service owner is going to save on development costs, maintaining an app, as well as user support.

Preparing a modern and functional mobile app constitutes a process which requires the engagement of many people, weeks of work, and a large budget. One app constitutes two or even three separate projects – each dedicated for a different operating system. An additional problem consists also in the sole implementation of the app – in the App Store the verification may take even two weeks – which is very problematic in urgent situations.

When we finally proudly publish the new tool, most often investing in marketing, the next move has to be done by the user. And more precisely, a number of moves: entering the store, finding the app, performing the installation process, and learning the new functions. If the app will meet the set expectations it has the chance to be displayed on the smartphone or tablet screen once again. If not, it goes to the trash and will discourage future downloaders.

PWA does not require an additional installation and maintaining two platforms.

Progressive Web Apps mean a significantly shorter production process. Furthermore, they don’t have to be designed from zero – all that is required is to adjust the current website to the PWA technology. As a result we get a service which acts as an app on mobile devices.

A familiar icon will appear on the smartphone or tablet screen, but without a prior installation. Therefore, the user will be able to immediately take advantage of the website, also offline. PWA allows also to send useful push messages, which will work primarily for services with a frequently changing content.

A great example may be AliExpress, which reported an increase in conversion among new users at 104% and twice as many visits from all browsers after switching to PWA. The time spent on the site during one session also became much longer – at 74%.

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I originally mentioned that the intent of PWAs was to replace apps with mobile websites, but a more accurate statement might be that they’re aimed at doing all of the things that apps do well while eliminating the things that suck about apps.

Danny Ryback, emerging technologies director at Leo Burnett
Zapytaj Onet Mobile decreased development time and cost no installation required working on any platform app icon on the main screen

Case study: Zapytaj PWA App

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Z nowych możliwości skorzystał także jeden z najbardziej znanych portali informacyjno-rozrywkowych naszego rodzimego rynku - ,dla którego stworzyliśmy, utrzymujemy i stale rozwijamy Największy polski serwis społecznościowy typu Q&A, teraz dostępny w technologii PWA, codziennie odwiedzany jest przez ponad 1 mln unikalnych użytkowników.

Our Approach

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Project Discovery

We begin by getting an in-depth knowledge about your business needs. Common understanding and analysis of your idea is the # 1 challenge in the initial phase of our cooperation. We will define and collect all requirements - technology, team, budget, as well as identify unknown elements.

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solution finding

Next, we move on to creating a project implementation strategy, which assumes the evaluation of business goals and adaptation of project technologies to them. This stage provides a list of immediate and medium-term tasks to be performed.

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This stage consists primarily in determining the functionality and usability of the product or service being created. We analyze what users expect from the product, application or website. Then we move on to creating information architecture, user paths and stories, leading to creating a product prototype.

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development & testing

The testing stage allows us to improve the initial version of the product, application or website. Thanks to the tests, we can check whether the changes that were made during the design phase are correct.

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Transforming ideas into a real, working product is the penultimate stage of work. At the end of this phase, the result is evaluated according to the list of requirements that was created in the design phase. The project is completed when all the requirements set by the client are met and the result of the work meets his expectations.

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maintenance / development

This phase is aimed at making the project successful. We create the documentation, the trainings for the users. You can always count on our technical and substantive support.

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