React Native Development

Build native mobile apps with great performance and UX, saving time and budget

React Native Development

React Native framework allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript. Thanks to React Native, you can deliver high-quality applications for Android and iOS using one codebase. React native is lightweight and offers great performance, especially for rapidly changing data. What is more, make native development and maintenance more cost-effective and save development time. Sounds it interesting?

Business benefits

One reusable code

React Native allows you to reuse the code (or part of it) between iOS and Android. The maintenance and development of the applications on various platforms is seamless and allows companies to reduce the development team involved in the project.


Multi-platform development

​saving time by writing the "write once, run anywhere" code leads to an efficient development process and quick implementation of apps for devices with iOS and Android.


Cost reduction

React Native focuses primarily on building a mobile user interface. The application has a fast loading time and great responsiveness, runs smoother and takes less space in the device's memory.


User benefits

Simplified UI design

React Native focuses primarily on building a mobile user interface. The application has a fast loading time and great responsiveness, runs smoother and takes less space in the device's memory.


Reliable operation

React Native is an open source platform supported by Facebook. Apps like Instagram, Skype and Airbnb also run on react native. It guarantees constant development and support of the product and provides social proof that the frames are reliable and provide high quality of use.


Native feel

Look and feel of native apps provides users with easy navigation and the greatest user experience possible. Intuitive interfaces facilitate the use of the application and encourage frequent use.


Build your app in React Native with us !

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Case study: Semilac Mobile App

Mobile-based client engagement and gamification platform built for a leading European nail beauty and makeup cosmetics brand - Poland-based Semilac. Increases client engagement, provides additional communication channel, supports brand values.

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Working on the project, Digers have exceeded our expectations in terms of engagement and communication by at least a mile, at the same time delivering complex product in quick, testable iterations.

Maciej Bujak

Social Media Manager – Nesperta, Poland

Our Approach

Why choose us?

We create the most optimal solution for your business, that support brand building, improve revenue and fulfill your business goals.


each stage of cooperation is clearly defined, you get constant insight into the progress. We offer competitive and cost-effective solutions to help you maximize your return on investment in new technologies.

constant contact

a project supervisor is assigned to each client, the communication process runs very smoothly. We always respond quickly to your questions and requests, so you never have to wait.


a strong sense of identification with our clients' projects means that we are constantly striving to be one step ahead of your needs. Our proven track record in delivering high quality agile web and mobile apps means you can trust that we will meet and exceed your expectations.


Project Discovery

We begin by getting an in-depth knowledge about your business needs. Common understanding and analysis of your idea is the # 1 challenge in the initial phase of our cooperation. We will define and collect all requirements - technology, team, budget, as well as identify unknown elements.

project discovery 1

solution finding

Next, we move on to creating a project implementation strategy, which assumes the evaluation of business goals and adaptation of project technologies to them. This stage provides a list of immediate and medium-term tasks to be performed.

solution finding 2


This stage consists primarily in determining the functionality and usability of the product or service being created. We analyze what users expect from the product, application or website. Then we move on to creating information architecture, user paths and stories, leading to creating a product prototype.

design 3

development & testing

The testing stage allows us to improve the initial version of the product, application or website. Thanks to the tests, we can check whether the changes that were made during the design phase are correct.

development & testing 4


Transforming ideas into a real, working product is the penultimate stage of work. At the end of this phase, the result is evaluated according to the list of requirements that was created in the design phase. The project is completed when all the requirements set by the client are met and the result of the work meets his expectations.

publish 5

maintenance / development

This phase is aimed at making the project successful. We create the documentation, the trainings for the users. You can always count on our technical and substantive support.

maintenance/development 6

Build your app in React Native

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